Will working out really give you more energy or is that just something made up by the fitness industry?

“Working out will give you more energy? Yeah right! I’ve worked out before and I did NOT have more energy”

That’s usually the response I get when I tell someone that complains about being too tired to workout, that if they worked out, they would actually have more energy. I guess, it stands to question, is that true or just a way to sell gym memberships? Let’s investigate:

First, we should define “energy”. Obviously, we aren’t referring to how much ATP & Creatine Phosphate you have laying around. We mean your vigor, enthusiasm for life, the kind of energy that when you have it, you don’t dread cleaning out your car or going to the grocery. In short, when we say energy, we don’t mean you body’s physical capability of doing work but rather, some combination of mood, mentality, and perceived vitality. Last thing, metabolic energy DOES effect what we call “energy” but, we’ll get to that.

There are quite a few scenarios I can think of when you might not have energy to workout in the first place. Sitting at a desk all day makes 5 o’clock seem more like bedtime than time to go to Margaritaville.  12-hour shifts make it seem insane to not conserve all energy possible for work or play. Hard labor makes your body feel like you’ve already worked out by the time you kick your boots off. Midnights… I don’t even need to explain.

The truth is though, I can give reasons as to why each of these types of worker stand to gain more energy by increasing their fitness.

·         9-5ers, better blood flow, stronger posterior chain muscles, less inflammation, and better insulin sensitivity (no post-lunch crash) is just a few of the benefits you stand to gain.

·         Shift workers, get ready for better sleep, less fatigue, increased endurance, better work performance, and less pain associated with working long hours

·         Laborers, enjoy being the person on the job who can lift heavier things, being in a better mood even on hot or cold days (better body temp regulation, and being less exhausted with less pain at home.

If it’s really that simple though, how come more people don’t exercise? Well, part of the problem is that word; exercise - activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.  I don’t know if you noticed but, that is extremely vague, and it is also all the fitness education we receive; exercise ‘cause it’s good for you. Ya know, just move around.

Here’s the issue—if you combine the very poor, some say pathetic, health and fitness education given to us by schools, even universities, and mostly BS supplement companies, with the a body that isn’t in shape, you’re definitely NOT going to have more energy from working out.

Let me clarify. Fitness isn’t a puddle of knowledge, it’s an ocean. That means, there is a heck of a lot more too increasing your metabolism and having better energy than walking a little more and eating an apple for lunch. By the way, that will get you negative results almost guaranteed.

And that’s really freaking frustrating isn’t it! Even if you muster up the motivation, make that extra effort, and go to the gym 5 days a week, in 3 months your body feel worse, you have less energy, and you’re results have halted. But, that’s exactly why Uplift Fitness is here. To show you there is a better, science-based way.

Here’s what we are taught:

·         Go exercise (vague)

·         Do cardio (bad advice)

·         Lift light weights to tone (bad advice and complete BS)

o   Or worse don’t lift weights because it’s dangerous (even bigger pile of BS)

·         Cut calories (death sentence for your metabolism)

·         All or nothing (yep, you’re going to fail)

Subtotal: Frustration & Discouragement
Plus Tax
Total: chronic pain, low energy, worse mental health

Wow, that deal really sucks. Better wait until the new year to try again when they have a sale (Planet fitness jab there, sorry).

Here’s what you actually need to do for more energy and a better quality of life:

·         Exercise, but more specifically, lift weights, even more specifically, at the right intensity, volume, and exercises (See Uplift Fitness Programs)

·         Don’t do cardio—some is good but its benefits don’t compare to weight training

·         Learn the skill of weight training, then lift heavy and often

·         Track your food for a few weeks then, consult a fitness profession on a direction of where to go from there. (Please DON’T cut calories and do excessive cardio)

·         Make small changes—this is huge. If it takes 6 months to drink less pop, that’s great. Stop giving yourself deadlines you don’t need.

Subtotal: Real, lasting change and better energy
This purchase is tax exempt
Total: You realize your gym membership is worth its weight in gold

What’s the difference between these two when we talk about having more energy outside of the gym and after work? Let’s break it down.

1.  Metabolic Capacity—a fancy way of saying, your capacity for doing work is greater. AKA better fitness. Weight training increases your capacity for work including Non-Exercise Activity (think walking, getting up from your desk, unloading the bed of a pick-up, putting your shoes on, etc.) This means, you can go for longer and stronger throughout the day. If all you do is cardio, we would see is a restriction in energy available for all non-exercise activity, meaning less energy through the day.

2. Lower Aerobic and Anerobic Demand—the stronger and more conditioned your muscles get, the better they get at producing force with less energy. That means, all of the non-exercise activities listed above are easier for your body to perform and that means you don’t get as tired at the end of the day. Cardio can actually make this worse in some cases, not better.

3. Increased Blood Flow—part of feeling less groggy is being mentally alert. Having a strong cardiovascular system will help blood flow get to your brain when you’re less active meaning better focus.

4. Confidence—one of the coolest things about weight training is putting in work one week and returning to see immediate visible results next week. It compounds with consistency and effort too. Meaning one month you need a jack to change the tire on your car and the next month you don’t! Okay, maybe you won’t be able to lift your car off the ground but, imagine not struggling to move a TV, a 50lb bag of dog food, groceries, or office furniture. You’ll feel like superman or wonder woman. The mental health benefits (both acutely in the brain and chronically in life) almost outweigh the physical health benefits. This means a better mood and a better mood makes the days a lot easier at work, regardless of job or circumstance.

5. Better posture—doing exercises that strengthen the posterior chain, which is under constant assault by the habits using phones and typing at a desk create, means less aches and pains from work. Imagine a world where you come home from work and nothing hurts.

Here’s the reality; weight training and correct nutrition (NOT the food pyramid) 100X more potent than any pill or drink you’ll ever take. Period. So why aren’t more people seizing this life altering opportunity?

Gymtimidation—yeah, it’s a thing and no it doesn’t get fixed by trashing the barbells and painting your walls purple. At Uplift Fitness, we get to the root of gymtimidation. Then we rip that root out and blend it up in our protein shake and drink that mother lover.

People aren’t scared to go to the gym because it’s dark and scary like a dungeon. They’re scared because they don’t want to look dumb and they’re afraid they’ll fail. That’s why we put so much effort into education and have an arsenal of resources for beginners.

The Uplift Fitness Academy is in depth health and fitness education you can download right now on your phone. We have beginner focused programs with complete descriptions of every single exercise. Our YouTube has a How-To library to show you how those exercises should look as well. And our staff is comprised of individuals who make continuing their health and fitness education priority because helping people find their way in this confusing industry is our passion.

So, there you have it, if you’re tired it doesn’t mean you can’t workout, it means you need to workout. Lift weights, track your food, make small changes, and give it a month or two. You’ll be blown away at the difference.

If you don’t have a gym membership all you have to do is click this link and you can get started right now. Don’t wait until tomorrow—tomorrow never comes.