Walking is great for your health but could it be completely wrong for your goals?

Walking – the most basic form of human movement and also something you’re probably sick of your fit bit, apple watch, the news, and your doctor telling you to do more of. We all know we need to move more and some of us even get motivated to do so, taking up evening walks or strolls on our lunch break in an effort to get healthier and maybe even lose some inches around our waist.


If you don’t already incorporate walking as a form of exercise into your day or week, whether it be after a meal to blunt insulin response, in the morning to jumpstart your day, or after work to help unwind, I highly encourage you to do so.


We are in the middle of a massive health crisis in our country due to inactivity and I can say this beyond a shadow of a doubt; everyone needs to be more active, including daily walks.


But there’s a kicker here. Walking more is good, yes. When it comes to fat loss, body recomposition, lowering your blood pressure, improving insulin sensitivity, lowering all-cause mortality risk, mental health, etc. walking will get you some benefits but, it has a very hard ceiling on how much benefit it can give you.


The sad scenario I often observe in my profession, is seeing someone overcome any personal insecurities, get a gym membership or begin walking outside, they see results and thus hope but, the results start to slow. Then the results all but stop. Logically, individuals think I must need to do more.

So, they do, and they get a bit more results but inevitability, they get stuck again. More and more and more walking and cardio, yet, no pounds down, no inches lost, and all motivation vanishes. Before you know it, that same once encouraged and motivated individual, feels like they’ll never lose weight and never reach their goals. It’s heartbreaking to see such effort that, was it applied with good direction and a proper program, could change someone’s life forever, and not leave them right back where they started.
                I hate to share such a depressing example but, this is the reality for many people in our communities and it is in fact a very depressing situation to be in. However, there is a very simple, way you can increase your seemingly dead metabolism, get continual results with no upper limit, and your joints will actually feel better from it not worse, as is the case with chronic cardio.

Weight training. Ugh, you just knew I was going to say that didn’t you? Weight training—really? Yes really. I could spend ALL. DAY. On the benefits, myths, and correct ways you should implement weight training but I’ll leave it at this, imagine all the benefits of walking, with none of the drawbacks, and no limit to progress.

The thing is, you learn how to walk when you’re a baby. You’ve probably never learned about biomechanics, training principles, safety considerations, how to manipulate variables in a program, etc. But that’s why you have Uplift Fitness!

It’s scary, I get it but that’s why we have equipment orientations, willing and able staff to show you the ropes, beginner focused exercise programs, personal training, beginner guides, and of course our all encompassing weight training guidelines located right here.

Most of us need to walk more yes, but, all of us need to be doing weight training. It’s not just for bodybuilders and football players. Actually, it’s more beneficial for moms of 2, those in their 60’s, desk workers, students, and those with a fat loss goal.

We are proud of you for taking up exercise in any form! We just hate seeing such great effort and consistency being put in the wrong place.

If you want to take your health & fitness to the next level, we got you. Uplift Fitness was built for beginners. Stop in or sign-up online now at www.upliftfitnessohio.com and let us help you change your life. Mention this blog when you pick up your key and we will get you whatever it is you need in your hands to have you feeing encouraged and empowered to achieve your goals!


We can’t wait to meet you (: