The Pinterest Plague: Why Pinterest Workouts are Hindering Your Progress

Your about to start your first week at your new gym and you realize, you have no clue what to do when you get there! Have no fear, Pinterest is here!
                Before you know it, you’re a few weeks in and you’re a donkey kicking, banded side stepping, booty building master. Not only that, you’re noticing some results already!

Unfortunately, this is where the party ends. No matter how many curtsey lunges, kickbacks, or squatting side-stepping pulsing movements you do, progress gets slower and slower. What gives?


Well, I hate to break it to you but, Pinterest workouts (and every online blog variation of body weight movements, “butt-builders” and “pulsing” garbage you can find) isn’t going to get you anywhere fast. Now, I will preface our conversation today with this: sometimes, you just enjoy doing a workout, whether or not it’s “optimal” and that is totally okay. Fitness is just as much about mental health as it is physical.

There are seasons where I just want to have fun, enjoy my workout, and feel good which means sometimes doing things that aren’t exactly perfectly in tune with my goals. That said, I also don’t expect much progress from these workouts.

I know what you might be thinking, “but I really feel those workouts! They always make my legs burn!” And that’s kind of the problem. It’s common to get obsessed with feeling a movement or workout and ignoring things that will produce the results we want.

If feeling a burn is your goal, or as I mentioned you just want to enjoy your workout, that’s totally fine but, if you want real results, it’s time for a change. Which brings me to another fatal flaw of “Pinterest” workouts: progressive overload.


Aside from sounding like a killer 90’s grunge band, progressive overload is the most basic, fundamental driver of results regarding body composition (fat loss & muscle gain). Basically, it means changing 1 or more variables in your training (time, type, frequency, intensity, rep range) and making them ever so slightly more difficult with each workout or week.

This means your body will constantly have to overcome new challenges and for you that means results. The key here is it is progressive not aggressive. Changes need to be small and systematic, however, many of your generic online workouts, especially those aimed at women, do not consider progressive overload. Side note; biological sex doesn’t determine anything about how you should workout. So, not only are the exercises not conductive to real growth but also, they aren’t designed to get you long term results. That’s what we call bad programming.


Programming – noun; the foundation of your fitness. Good programing is goal specific and rooted in proven training principles. Great programming, which you should expect from a personal trainer or other qualified fitness professional, takes into consideration all of your personal goals, medical history, injuries, potential future roadblocks, and more. If you ever find that on Pinterest let me know.


Okay, I’m done being a jerk. Making the effort to exercise and doing the little bit extra to find an actual plan is praiseworthy. So if I you feel personally attacked by my berate on Pinterest workouts, don’t sweat it. Not only should you be proud for overcoming all that you had to just to get yourself in the gym (which I hope Uplift Fitness made easier) but, you are also not expected to understand the complexities that surround weight training.

There are hundreds of voices in the health & fitness space, all with their own “unique” perspective and making claims like “high reps is how you tone”. What malarkey. It’s actually more common and totally normal to be completely wrong about everything to do with fat loss and “toning” (which is a made-up word by the way). But that’s why you have us!


If your goal is fat loss and “toning” here’s what you should actually be doing:

·         Prioritize Weight Training

·         Do compound movements

·         Do them heavy (6-8 reps)

·         Utilize progressive overload

·         Don’t overdo it on the cardio

·         Track your food first, don’t jump onto some diet

·         Don’t by fat loss products

·         Reverse diet if you need to (read more about reverse dieting here)


If your goal is to build a round butt and muscular legs here’s what you should be doing:

·         Do all of the above

·         Make these movements a staple in your workouts:

o   Barbell Squats

o   Hip Thrusts

o   RDL’s

o   Deadlifts

o   Leg Presses

o   Lunges

·         Train each muscle group 2-3 times a week


If any of that sounds scary, don’t worry, we have you covered. Stop in to Uplift Fitness during our staffed hours and we can get a beginner/intermediate focused workout program in your hands. Plus, you can pick up any of our informational pieces, a full guide on how to use all of our equipment, and keep an eye out for our barbell classes and equipment orientations where you’ll receive free exercise instruction from certified personal trainers and fitness pros.


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