One thing you should be doing after a meal to lose more body fat and improve your health

If I told you there was a pill you could take after every meal that would improve your insulin sensitivity, aid in digestion, burn a few calories, and all around make you feel better, would you take it? What about if I told you it was completely free! That’s right, 100% free, except you might want to invest in an umbrella, winter coat, and new pair of shoes.

Yes, I said umbrella, because it isn’t a pill. I’m talking about 10-minute walks!

This simple health hack is one of my favorites. If you hate cardio or just struggle to get in enough activity throughout the day, taking a 10-minute walk after every meal can be a game-changer.

It’s not about doing more cardio though. If you’ve ever asked us for training advice, read some of our blogs or free informational pamphlets at Uplift Fitness, you already know we don’t think cardio is a good option for fat loss outside of prioritizing weight training.

Taking a 10-minute walk after each meal will mean better digestion due to the increased blood flow to your stomach. Not only that, low-intensity exercise can be a stress reliever, helping to bring your nervous system back into the para-sympathetic state, which is much better for digestion and recovery.

In addition to your stomach hurting less, you won’t feel as tired after you eat as post meal walks blunt the insulin response that occurs after eating too many calories. For you, that means less calories stored as fat, and less negative effects of chronically elevated insulin.

Speaking of chronic things, inflammation won’t be as much of a problem if you split your usual 30 minutes on the treadmill up into 3 after meal bouts. That’s less joint pain and better focus.

Now, I’m reluctant to say this one because I don’t want you to get the idea that the way to better body composition is to burn aaalll the calories but, you will burn more calories due to the increased activity.

With all that said, give it a shot, make it a priority, and take it serious. That’s why I said buy an umbrella because even if it’s raining or pouring snow, take your walk.

Thank me later.

Oh and what I was saying about burning calories not being the way to a better body; listen up. Burning as many calories as you can and eating less and less will NOT, I repeat, will NOT get you the body or health that you want. You may see results but, expect them to not only slow and stop, expect fat gain, despite your efforts. Over-exertion and under-consumption on food is a deadly cocktail for your metabolism and hormones.

What should you do instead? Weight training. It speeds up your metabolism, has long term results, increases your quality of life, empowers you, and make you look better than cardio will.

Uplift Fitness was built for beginners and we know that weight training can be scary, especially with all the bad information out there. That’s why we have beginner focused workout programs, our beginner guide, equipment orientations, and a knowledgeable staff there is always here to talk to!

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